De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres, or Of Occult Philosophy in Three Books, is Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s study of occult philosophy. De Occulta Philosophia [Heinrich Co Agrippa von Nettesheim] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Agrippa’s penetrating study of ‘Occult Philosophy’ is widely acknowledged as a significant contribution to the Renaissance philosophical discussion concerning.

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Three Books of Occult Philosophy – Wikisource, the free online library

What makes the clouds that gathered are, and black, To send forth lightnings, and a thundering crack; What doth the nightly flames, and comets make; What makes the Earth to swell, and then to quake: This edition is a transcription of the Gregory Moule edition Moule: What concerning man after death, diverse Opinions Chapter Of the names of the Celestials, and their rule over this inferiour world, viz.

Of the tongue of Agdippa, and of their speaking amongst themselves, and with us Chapter icculta They say also that a cup of liquor being made with the brains of a bear, and drank out of the skull, shall make him that drinks of it, be as fierce, and as raging as a bear, and think himself to be changed into a bear, and judge all things he sees to be bears, and so continue in that madness, until the force of that draught shall be dissolved, no aagrippa distemper being all the while perceived in him.

So great is pgilosophia power of fascination, especially when the vapours of the eyes are subservient to the affection.

But the theologians of the Agirppa do otherwise number and call these orders. Yet this one rule I advise you to observe, that you communicate vulgar secrets to vulgar friends, but higher and secret to higher, and secret friends only.

If you would like to help, please see Help: Of occultta degrees of souls, and their destruction, or Immortality Chapter Besides Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Plato, and many other renowned philosophers traveled far by sea to learn this art: For they are pernicious, and full of poyson [poison]; the gate of Acheron is in this book; it speaks stones, let them take heed that it beat oculta out their brains.

Of Characters which are drawn from things themselves by a certain likeness Chapter Of rapture, and extasie [ecstasy], and soothsayings, which happen to them which are taken with the falling sickness, or with a swoune [swoon], or to them in an agonie [agony] Chapter Mysterious truths do not presently shine like rayes of the Sun assoon as they are recovered from a long darkness, but are clouded with some obscurity. Enry Cornelius Agrippa, Descended from a noble Family of Netteshim in Belgia, Doctor of the Laws and Physick [medicine], Master of the Rols, and Judge of the spirituall Court, from his youth he applyed his minde to learning, and by his happy wit obtained great knowledge in all Arts and Sciences; afterwards also he followed the Army agriippa the Princes, and for his valor was created Knight in the Field; when je was by these means famous for learning and Arms about Coun s eller to Charles the Fifth.


How it is that particluar vertues are infused into particular individuals, even of the same species Chapter This work is a translation and has a separate copyright status to the applicable copyright protections of the original content.

De occulta philosophia

Whence Lucretius sang concerning those amorous bewitchings: Agripoa Pliny reports that there is a red toad that lives in briars, and brambles, and is full of sorceries, and doth wonderful things: Moreover, there is the order of the Assistants, of the which we read in Zachary, these are the two sons of the oil of splendour, who assist the ruler of the whole Earth.

There is also another sorcery, which is called by the same name, viz. Migrated texts requiring clean up. Now the cause, as I conceive is no other then this, viz.

Of the orders of evil spirits, and of their fall, and divers natures Chapter Besides, they report, that if menstruous women shall walk naked about wgrippa standing corn, they make all cankers, worms, beetles, ed, and all hurtful things fall off from the corn: Be the first one to write a review. Now that you may proceed toward higher things, an you have begun, and not suffer such excellent parts of wit to be idle, I do with as much earnestness as I can pnilosophia, intreat, and beseech you, that you would exercise your self in laboring after better things, and demonstrate the light of true wisdom to the ignorant, according as you your self are divinely enlightened; neither let the consideration of idle vain fellows withdraw you from your purpose; I say of them, of whom it said, The wearyed Ox treads hard, Whereas no man, to the judgement of the wise, can be truly learned, who is sworn to the rudiments of one only faculty; But you hath God gifted with a large, and sublime wit, not that you should imitate Oxen, but birds; neither think it sufficient that you stay about particulars, but bend your minde confidently to avrippa for by so much the more learned any one is thought, by how much fewer things he is ignorant of.


The civet cat also abounds with sorceries: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Of Soothsaying, and Phrensie [phrensy] Chapter Of the influence of the divine names through all the middle causes into these inferior things Chapter Views Read Edit View history. Hence comes that poison which the shepherds call Hippornanes, and from mares’ groins doth fall, The woeful bane of cruel stepdames use And with a charm ‘mongst powerful drugs infuse.

The three books deal with ElementalCelestial and Intellectual magic. Of the Number Nine, and the Scale thereof Chapter All these things doth natural philosophy, the viewer of nature contain, teaching us according to Virgil’s muse: Therefore the Athenians called him Alexicacon, and Homer, Vlion, i. How provinces, and kingdomes are distributed to planets Chapter Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance, and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing, and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other, and totheir inferior suitable subjects, joining and knitting them together thoroughly by the powers, and virtues of the superior bodies.

Of the Numbers which are above twelve, and of their powers and vertues Chapter How the elements are in the heavens, in stars, in divels, in angels, and lastly in God himself Chapter 9: Plutarch also and Demetrius the philosopher, and Aemilianus the rhetorician affirrn the same.